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Welcome to my JAVA page!

Welcome To My New Java Applets section!

Do you like some of the cool effects in my site? Most are done through awesome java applets. Do you need a cool nav. system? Or looking to improve your current one? Need something more for your web-site? Check out these sites bellow to get some totally awesome applets!



This is the best java place i've found in a long time! Check them out!

They have free versions of all their applets on their page. With the option to buy and remove the ads from their software. It's cool!!

Java Boutique

This is another incredible place for Java Applets. They have a wide selection of cool applets for your site. Stop by here for sure!


Check this place out for some good java applets.


Another cool java site. Check 'em out!


THE BEST OF ALL place to get awesome, simple to configure java!!! Check this one out for sure, They're awesome! You can buy a licence for a single site for like 20 bucks that enables the nav. menues to work online and you get all the other 40 applets! AWESOME! I bought it myself!