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CGI/Perl Section

Welcome to my new section for CGI & Perl Scripts!


I have recently started using these on my own site. They are all FREE!

You might ask what the advantage is of using these scripts, or, why use these when you could find another compay like Bravenet to get guestbook, counters, ect.

Well, if anything, I would highly recommend Bravenet. I've used them for over 5 years now. No problems, no waiting, no better choice. The difference is, Although you do have to get used to configuring the code in CGI & Perl scripts, it's pretty easy! Also, unlike with two messageboard services i've had that went out of business, and I lost everything, or guestbooks that I moved to a new host and was unable to keep my current intries... These scripts are yours! On your server! So you'll never have to worry about your bbs going down, and if you movie just copy your folders and files to your new host and there you go!

Not only that, but they're fully customizable (most of the time) letting you choose the color, look and feel of the script! Change the entire layout sometimes!

Most only ask for a link back to their site, sometimes not even that. It's well worth it!

You can find guestbooks, messageboard, community tools, image slideshows, counters, trackers, Free For All link generators, and much much more. Such community tools allow you to add servays to your site for direct input from your visitors, even creat mini-communities by letting people create thier sites on your sites. Tools like these can turn a boring site into an interactive community! These are all free. Please see the 'readme' included in most of the scripts or contact the author for further help with configuring the scripts. Also check out the 'sources' link for a full list of ALL the scripts!

So check out the links bellow to check them out. All links open in a new window.

Links outlined with astrics (*) are personally recommended links.


Link Varification:

Survay & Polls:


Bullingtinn Board Message Systems:

News Posting:

The sites listed bellow are resource sites with a WEALTH of CGI & Perl scripts.

These are my personal source for most scripts found on this site.

The CGI Resource:

With 4014 resources & 265 catagories: "The Cgi Resource" is your best bet for just about any script imaginable! I got my voting polls from this site. They have all kinds of free and paid script. Most, however, are completely free for personal, none-commercial sites! Check it out! If your host doesn't host your own scripts, no problem! This place has tons of remotly-hosted scripts! Also with information about CGI and help!

Matt's Script Archive:

Matt's Script Archive is another awesome, reliable script source! They've got all kinds of options to choose from. They offer a wide variety of Perl, CGI, C++ scripts and programs. VERY HIGHLY recommended. They have tons of reliable links to help and other scripting communities as well.

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Link Varification Scripts:

These scripts are awesome! Take the pain out of finding broken links on your site; These scripts will varify the links on your pages!


Cliff's 404 finder:

This script helps by recording the reffering address whenever a 404 page comes up.


WebTester is a handy site management tool, the primary purpose of which is to check your site for broken links. It will report both on missing files and on those which exist but aren't referenced. It can also check the validity of your external links. (That way, if someone moves or removes a page to which you've linked, you'll know that the link needs to be updated!) The script is fairly robust; in addition to following "straight" links, it will also parse and follow links in image maps, in text embedded via SSIs, and (optionally) in CGI-generated pages. It will let you know the effective "download" file size of your pages, and will provide estimates of how long they'll take to download at various connection speeds. Finally, it can create for you a simple "site map" showing, in outline format, all of your site's pages. (The site map can be included via SSIs on other pages.)


A simple link varification tool.

Fscripts 404 finder:

The 404 Finder checks every link to see if it is dead or not and records its findings.

404 Error Checker:

This script maintains a password protected log file of all 404 not found errors that can be viewed at any time.

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These are scripts for creating survays & polls to your website!


Quick Poll is a web polling CGI script that requires only a single line of HTML tag to put a poll in a place you want. Through an easy-to-use admin program, the look of polling interface can be configured to suit your various tastes, including drop down menus and checkbox selection. User tracking by cookies prevents multiple votes from a single user.


RobPoll is a voting script that allows for an unlimited number of questions, with IP and/or cookie tracking to prevent multiple votes. The script can be embedded in an HTML page through SSI, or run as a stand alone script. Password protected admin functions are included for adding and removing questions.

*Prowler Poll*:

I use this script myself. VERY easy! I was up & running withing seconds!

ProwlerPoll is a free voting/polling program with a slick web-based admin interface for adding, deleting, and managing multiple polls. Polls can be placed in web pages by inserting the HTML code or by using SSI. Setup has been designed to be easy and managing the polls even easier.


A visual poll/image voting system that works with a database back-end. Full featured, customizable, fast and easy to use. See site for more details.


Add another feature to your web page. You choose the question, and web surfers vote on it. A great way to build more traffic and content to your site. Comes with an admini page to give you a graphical look at statistics for the current poll as well as a place to edit the question and color.

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These scripts are for adding your own guestbooks to your site(s)!

Mat's Guestbook:

An easy to install guestbook with HTML-filtering, private messages, and more.

The Active Guestbook:

A guestbook that has only one line to edit. Blocks unwanted IP addresses, delete/undelete messages, save/restore your own default settings, search, and more.


VizBook is a flexible and free script with many more options than most similar programs. The guestbook is managed from an admin page. You can change backgrounds, colors, names, fonts, table colors and width, switch the input boxes on and off, receive but not display input, include up to three Banner Ad displays, and set up an extra input box or drop down list for your own purpose. Also via the admin page, VizBook can accept and easily install small Photos of visitors that submit to the list, and like most options, the photos option can be switched off. All these features and more.

*Lar's Ellingsen's Guestbook System*:

A highly configurable guestbook system that is very easy to install. Includes e-mail notification, mail to guest, dirty-words removal, extensive html-filtering, separate configuration file and lots of different languages.


Control almost every aspect of your guestbook. Includes features such as: limiting # of entries per page, full control over layout, allow admins to reply to posts and more!

DCGuest 97:

DCGuest97 is a simple database-driven guestbook script: that is, every page is generated "on-the-fly" using just one template. You can easily modify the template to customize its display.

*Ultimate Guestbook*:

The best guestbook on the web. It has almost every thing a guestbook should. Includes, customizable fonts and graphics, numerous display options, built-in word-censor option, supports HTML and/or our own specialized UBB Code.

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Check out these links to make your own BBS's!


A new, totally free bulletin board system that aims to provide you with all the features of commercial products. Very fast, very customizable and includes extensive administration/moderation options.


YaBB (Yet another Bulletin Board) is an open source online forum that aims to provide the same features as Ultimate Bulletin Board, including: e-mail notification, unlimited boards and more.


RobBoard is a highly customizable Message Board system. Lots of options for the style of display, number of displayed messages, etc. Administration system included for removing messages, banning users, etc.


Threaded message board software, and modifications of, from Matt's Script Archive.

*Billow BBS*:

A free Web based WWWBBS written in Perl, supports almost all the features of a Telnet BBS. Including articles, users, group boards, boards, digests, mailbox, online state, realtime message, and a chat room. All the above can be managed online.

Cliff's Message Board System:

This script lets your visitors post in multiple forums, preview their message, add an icon and background music to represent the mood of a message, and email the original author when responding. The administration page allows you to easily add and remove forums, messages, music, and icons.

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New Posting Scripts:

The scripts listed bellow will greatly speed up the time you spend making your news pages on your site! The scripts are in Perl and will create custom 'news' or 'site updates' pages for you with complete dates & times. They will even spell check & create old news archives! Be sure to have a look at these excellent scripts.

**News Pro:**

I use this one for my new news page. It was super easy to set up, and has many great features! Here what the owner has to say:

Full-featured and flexible news updating script. Includes support for unlimited users, easy web-based setup and configuration, fully customizable news style, auto-archiving, support for add-on modules, ability to maintain different news pages & categories, e-mail notification option, and plenty more.

News Publisher:

Helps in updating news at a website without uploading a HTML file every time. Features include: unlimited authors; add, delete, and edit news; preview news before posting; autolinks; customize HTML output; auto-archiving; easy administration via a web based form; allow visitors to post comments; plus many more.


A full service weblog/journal program with built-in comment posting, voting, multiple authors, auto-archiving, IP banning, templates, and more. No PHP/SQL database required.


A customizable news script that allows admins and users to make updates via their web browser. Includes password protection, archiving and multi-user support.


The purpose of NewsAdmin is to be able to easy update a news section of a site through a web interface. You may let other persons add news, because of the password protection, without giving them access to the webserver. Everything is customizable and the site may have any design.


This news script includes multiple user levels, custom news posts with comment posting allowed by users. There is also an archive and search feature included.

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