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Welcome to my Flash page!

Welcome To My Flash Section!

Here you will find some cool things I have on flash. These bellow are wizard type software. They are AWESOME!!! Check out FlashKit for all kinds of flash goodies!!!

You can make an incredible flash enabled site with an awesome look. Check them out. They both include a free trial download to try them out. I am buying the KoolMoves one this month. So expect this site to be re-designed soon!


This software is awesome! You can download a free version that puts a watermark in the background of your movies. You can try out 24 text effects with this version. The full version includes 78 more effects!! Check out their site and look for the demo pages they have. See what you can do! It's awesome! Not a bad price at all either!


Swish is another GREAT Flash maker. I found this program to be a little (if not much) better than KoolMoves. Don't get me wrong, KoolMoves is great (I won them both), but I think Swish is better and offers more. It's awesome!

It looks incredible though. Check out the demos they have. It's worth the cost. Download the 15 day trial and try it out!


This place is AWESOME!!! You'll spend hours apon hours getting sfx, sound loops, interfaces, tutorials, and tons more for flash sites!!! Don't miss it!!!