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Welcome to my 3DML page!

Bellow you will find links to some cool 3DML sources. I recommend trying flatland. They are the best place to go. Check them out!

Flatland started making 3DML years ago. I was lucky to be with them at the start. From my first visit, I knew this would change the way I saw the web! It's awesome when you can literly walk through someone's web-site! ha ha. Now, years later, flatland has only gotten better! New additions to the 3DML language allow for enhanced sounds, and video embeding too. It requires a very small, 516k plug-in download. From then on, see the internet revolution!
Programing in this language is literly as easy as learning HTML. No Joke! Download the free 3DML tutorial and see for yourself! Also, if you do make one, I'd be very interested in seeing your site! just click Here and mail me your address. They will even host your new site on flatland if you want them to!