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Revenger681's Web-Resources

Welcme to Revenger681's Web-Resources!

As you can see I have re-done the look of this site, for now. I have an issue with my Java Applet program. I need to get a new reg. number for it. I will buy it again and upgrade to the newest one soon. Which will add some really cool features to this site. But for now I am going to keep this design for a little while. Be SURE to check out my MESSAGEBOARD! It has lots of really cool things on it. It's a big part of this site. Here on this site you will find many cool things for your web-site. I hope to have most everything you'll need to start your web-site, or add to an exsisting web-site. I have java sources, dhtml, 3dml, javascript, cgi, and more!

Check the section on the right for the latest updates.

I'm working on getting all the parts of the site up again. So keep a lookout!

Latest News:


Got the basic layout done. I'm working on getting the game section up (maybe udate it too). It'll be down for a little while. But the messageboard is still up! So is everything else. So check out the board, it's got TONS of game stuff on there!