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Welcome To Revenger681's Chinese Martial Arts Site!


While I may not be a master, some kind of legend or anything I have made this little site to show some information about some of the awesome Chinese Martial Arts there are out here. I will list some of the arts I currently study and their background and history.

About Me:

I am 22 year old male living in Glendale,AZ. I am currently studying WuShu. I have always LOVED martial arts. And now I am finally doing something I love. Something I plan to turn into a career someday. I love all forms of Martial Arts. In particular though the Chinese arts. I currently have three Long Fist forms, two Dragon forms, 3 Drunken Fist forms (Two Northern, 1 Southern), and about 7 elementary forms, the 4 basic weapons (5 including dagger. Making: 1 staff form, one spear form, 1 broadsword form, and one straightsword form). I also know one beginner level Baqua five animal form. As well as 1 Chain Whip, and one Ropedart form. For once in my life I am also active. lol. WuShu is awesome. I fell in love with it the first day I saw it. Anyways. Use the links above to navigate through the parts of my site. You may sign my guest-book on my main page at: Revenger681's Web-Resoueces. It'd mean a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by!